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Why should I choose living micro-greens?

Living micro-greens are great as you can cut just what you need to use. With a little care, the rest of the tray will stay living and fresh and there is rarely any waste. As soon as any plant is harvested, it starts to lose its nutrients. when you harvest moments before eating, you ensure that you're getting all of the nutrients of the living plant.

What is that white stuff at the base of the stems of my living micro-greens?

The short answer is, it’s not mold. Those are called micro root hairs, a normal horticultural phenomenon with micro-greens. The plants use these microscopic hairs to wick up moisture to feed themselves. With proper care, your micro-greens should not develop mold or rot. If mold does appear it will usually appear as a small ball of fuzz higher and closer to the leaves of the micro-greens. Rot is usually brown and slimy. Yuck!

How do I care for my living micro-greens?

Just add a bit of water to the bottom tray and keep in a location of around 70 degrees. You can also refrigerate your micros as this will slow the growth. Your living micro-greens will also come with a care sheet.

When will I receive my micro-greens?

All micro-greens are “grow-to-order”. This means we seed and grow your order to ensure you are getting the freshest product possible every time! Your micro-greens will never sit on a shelf or be refrigerated for days. Our seeding day is usually on Mondays and Tuesdays. Most varieties have a grow time of 12-14 days while a couple have a shorter grow time. Read each varieties description for the “grow time”. Don't want to wait for your order to grow? Subscribe and you will have your micro-greens delivered to you weekly or bi-weekly!

How long will my micro-greens stay fresh?

It all depends on the variety and how strict you follow our care instructions. Typically, living micro-greens can remain fresh from 7-10 days or longer with proper care.

Do micro-greens really have the health benefits that you state on your website?

Absolutely! If you research the health benefits of micro-greens, you'll find a plethora of studies that show how powerful and healthy these little greens are. Micro-greens are just the small version of the larger plant but with up to 40x more nutrients! So whenever you read about the health benefits of other vegetables, it applies to micro-greens as well! Keep in mind, these are not our claims and we do not, in any way, say that these are miracle greens that can cure everything. We use widely available scientific studies to make our own assumptions based on the facts. We highly recommend you do your own research before making a purchase so you fully understand what micro-greens are.

Is it ok if I cut “living” micro-greens and store them in bags or containers?

Yes, you can cut your micro-greens and store them in Ziploc bags or containers. When putting them in bags, make sure the micro-greens are dry and you press out as much air as possible. This will keep them fresher longer. We don't recommend cutting your micro-greens and storing them this way. You just purchased "living" micro-greens that have all of the nutrients mother nature put in them. Once you cut your micro-greens, they begin to lose their nutritional value. This goes for all vegetables. That's why we chose to deliver our micro-greens still alive so you can harvest and eat them with the maximum health benefits.

Do micro-greens need to be washed before eating them?

The USDA (United States Agriculture Department) recommends that all produce should be rinsed before consumption. Our micro-greens are grown in an organic manner and temperature controlled environment, so we feel rinsing is not mandatory. But if you feel more comfortable rinsing your micro-greens before consumption, please do so. Just make sure to give them a very quick rinse with water. Try not to soak your micro-greens when washing them. Rinsing your micro-greens will wash off any seed hulls as well as any soil that you might have cut off when you harvested them.

Are they organic?

We are not certified organic growers. Our growing method is considered organic because we don't use any fertilizers or pesticides. We use only organic soil. Plus we only use Non-GMO seeds. So technically, it is organic growing, BUT not every seed we purchase is organic. Some of the seed varieties are not available as organic. We try our best to only purchase organic seeds but even if they are not organic, rest knowing that they are all Non-GMO seeds grown in an organic way! So it's as close to organic as you can possibly get.
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